Square 1

Are you new to FCCNP and want to get an idea of who we are and where to get started? Square 1 is a casual get together where you'll have an opportunity to ask your questions and find out how to take your next stop to getting connected.

Next Step

The purpose of this class is to give you a picture of our beliefs and values at FCCNP. We will talk a little bit about salvation and give you an explanation of what it means to be a member of FCCNP. We promise this will not be a pressurized sales pitch; it is a fast paced Bible study with a goal of making the Next Step of connecting to the church a well-informed process.

All In

If you are ready to be a partner of First Christian Church, we invite you to attend a session of All In. A partner (member) of FCC is defined as “an immersed believer who desires to identify themselves with this congregation.” All In is an opportunity for you to intentionally unite as a partner with the First Christian Family. We briefly explain that being a member is really about being a partner with us as we see the Lord working in this congregation and community.

What Is Rooted?

The Rooted experience redefines how people live life and view their relationship with God and others, giving context to what it means to be a part of something bigger. You will begin to see God in new ways, allowing you to experience a different way of life: community, authenticity and generosity.

Rooted is an interactive experience. In the course of 10 weeks, you will get together weekly with your group to talk about what God has been revealing to you as you go through the week’s readings, journal entries, and prayer. You will also learn from one another as the Holy Spirit works to comfort, encourage and guide each member.

Your group will share three experiences together outside of your group time: prayer, serving, and sharing your story. After the last session, you’ll join together with other groups and celebrate how God is working to connect each of you with your passion, your purpose, and your community.

Why Rooted?

Through an experiential model, Rooted teaches people what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, built on faith’s foundational elements, the 7 rhythms listed below
7 Rhythms
Daily Devotions
Serving the Community
Giving up Strongholds
Sacrificial Generosity
Sharing your Story
It’s for anyone in any chair
(Belong, Believe, Behave, Become)

When Is It Offered?

We offer Rooted twice a year. Once in the fall (September) and in the winter (January) Winter session starts January 27th and finishes April 7th REGISTRATION OPEN NOW (click the link below)

Rooted Stories